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Our custom Social Media Services coverBrand AwarenessDriving TrafficGenerating Revenuethrough Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linked-in, Tiktok, and Snapchat.

No business is alike, that’s why we offer custom social media management services. Whether you’re seeking to market your business on one social media platform or more, Foray Digital team can build a tailored plan to your company.
From organic posts to custom graphics to ad campaigns, your company receives a complete competitive social media marketing strategy that best meet your social media marketing goals to skyrocket your business growth.

Social Media Benefits

Drive results with social media

Social Media has become the most effective way for any business trying to grow in the digital age. Whether your business is local, national or global, effective digital media strategies can target and deliver your message to the right audiences. Foray Digital has been providing comprehensive Social Media Management Services to businesses in the Middle East for over 12 years. At Foray Digital, we believe that the effectiveness of any online campaign depends on:
As an initial step, we work hard to fully understand your marketing goals and we provide you with a detailed social media plan for your business.

Get the correct target audience and potential clients highly engaged with your content that raises both current and future sales.

We manage your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, maximizing your media spend and optimizing campaign impact.

Be Visible

Build your online presence

Social Media existence has become an integral part of online strategy for businesses across industries.
Increase your online visibility and have a solid social media existence.
Reach more customers and access new markets.
Improve your customers' loyalty and increase your sales.
Social Media Ads
Social Media Management services

Grow Your Business

Why Social Media Marketing?

Our social media services offer everything your business needs to have a solid existence and get recognized on a large scale on multiple social media channels.
Increase brand recognition, learn about your audience and engage with them.
Build a community, customer loyalty and increases traffic to your website.
Cost-effective, easy to monitor, optimize your campaign and expand your customer base.

Social Media Packages

Launch your social media marketing campaigns with optimized social media strategies. If your company is new to social media, our dedicated social media team will create and set up social media accounts for your business. Your company will have a complete ownership for these accounts.

Learn more about our social media service deliverables in-depth to discover how they help grow your brand awareness, online following, and even sales.
15 Posts/Month
Basic Analysis
6 Custom Images
Custom Contest
Social Media Strategy
Profile Setup & Optimization
Earn new followers or engage current subscribers with unique and on-brand posts created for your business.
22 Posts/Month
Competitive Analysis
12 Custom Images
1 Custom Contest
Social Media Strategy
Profile Setup & Optimization
Capture the attention of users on Social Media with custom images for your posts, Improve brand awareness, plus send positive trust signals, with a custom cover photo and profile photo design.
35 Posts/Month
Brand Reputation Analysis
20 Custom Images
2 Custom Contest
Social Media Strategy
Profile Setup & Optimization

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